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By Eleonora Onghi and Luca Vivona

Michelangelo Merisi, known as Caravaggio, is considered to be one of the most famous Italian artists of all time. His use of light and shadows set the premises to the birth of Baroque and was then imitated by several international artists. By visiting Milan, Bologna, Florence, and Rome it is possible to discover his intense, short, and yet, very prolific artistic life. 

Optional: Tuscany seaside extension. 


By Alessio Neri and Giusi Carai

The island of Sardinia is a privileged place to understand the ancient Mediterranean ceramic and textile traditions. Here, both techniques have been preserved and re-evaluated thanks to contemporary esthetical adaptations. Cagliari, the fascinating capital of the island, hosts some amazing ceramic exhibitions, and in the interior cities of Oristano and Samugheo, Textiles Museums allow to discover these ancients traditions while in Orgosolo there is a mask exposition that explains the famous carnival tradition of Mamuthones.

Three half-days ceramic workshop in an experience Hotel in Oliena with time to discover and relax the environs.


Designed by Francesco Mazzai

Dante Alighieri  is considered the father of Italian language. The Divine Comedy describes his imaginary journey through hell, purgatory and paradise. This journey through cities as VeronaMantua, Padova, Ravenna and Florence among others is a proposal to follow his path, discovering the artistic inspiration he followed to paint an image of Italy. 



Designed by Elisabetta Gavazzi

The art of tiny pieces can shape a town. Floors and walls of northern Italian cities have been decorated with mosaics using different stiles. Stone mosaics in Milan’s Duomo, gold mosaics in Venice and the 4th – 11th centuries mosaics of Spilimbergo, Grado, and Aquileia, in Friuli Venezia Giulia region. The history of this ancient technique has been formally recognized by the UNESCO World Heritage by nominating eight monuments situated in Ravenna.

Two half-days workshop at Luciana Notturni mosaic school in Ravenna.


By Elisabetta Gavazzi

Mosaic artists have been part of the Italian tradition for centuries, since Roman times mosaic has been used to decorate villas, palaces, walls, and city centers. This ancient technique has survived through centuries and it is now being re-evaluated and used to produce contemporary artworks. Rome, Siena, Montepulciano, and Florence are privileged places to discover how the art of stone painting has evolved in centuries and is currently being used to create impressive artworks.


By Valeria Gerli

By combining different pieces of stone, precious marble, or vitreous paste, the effect, the color, or the way light is reflected, change completely. Southern Italy hosts some of the most evocative sites of the ancient Roman empire and Norman Sicily empire, revealing hidden meanings, characteristic iconographies, and different ways the art of mosaics was used. In Naples, Pompei and Sicily is possible to observe the different styles and techniques used in centuries to enrichen and decorate buildings and monuments.

One day mosaic workshop in Syracuse.


By Elisabetta Gavazzi

Entering a workshop is the only way to understand which techniques are used to polish and carve marble. The stone Michelangelo preferred to shape his famous sculputures, comes from the majestic marble Quarries of Carrara and are the result of centuries of sedimentation. The natural strength of marble and its secrets are hidden deep in the Earth’s womb and this journey is a privileged opportunity to uncover its beauty, not only from an aesthetical point of view. It is also a chance to taste the delicious lardo still produced following ancient methods in Colonnata and to admire the marble sculptures in the streets of Pietrasanta.

Five half-days marble workshop.

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