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Born to Run

Italy is famous for engineering and design. In the industrialised north, from Turin to Milan and all the way to Bologna innovations developed initially for agriculture and industries became the beating heart of a flourishing industry of beautiful and fast cars and motorcycles.

Enter the factories and the museums to admire old iconic cars such as the Alfa Romeo Giulia and Giulietta, the electric car presented in 1974 at the Ginevra Motor Show and learn about the innovation currently happening inside the companies currently producing in the so called Motor Valley, along the via Emilia such us as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Dallara, Pagani and Ducati.

This is a journey to discover how engines and details of the final product are built, visiting their laboratories andmuseums. Everything inside there changes quickly: and the car you see today, tomorrow will be different. Because it’s going to run faster.

Day 1 / MILAN

Transfer to the Hotel and welcome drink with introduction to the expert.

Visit the city centre and enjoy a short transfer to Garage Italia, for a light dinner in a restaurant totally dedicated to the passion for cars. It is he same building where there is the laboratory of LapoElkam for the total personalisation of cars.

Return to Hotel and Overnight in Milan

Day 2 / TURIN

Transfer to Turin, to discover the city where FIAT, the historic Italian brand, was born. The morning is dedicated to past with the visit to the Car Museum and the Pinacoteca Agnelli with the track on the top of the building.

After lunch visit the city centre and discover the elegance of the once capital of Italy.

Trasnfer to Milan.

Dinner at leisure

Overninght in Milan.

Day 3 / MILAN

After breakfast travel to Arese, ti visit the Alfa Romeo Museum  As the visitors admire car after car, they travel through the company’s glorious history.

Return to the city for lunch

Afternoon at leisure

Day 4 / MONZA

After breakfast transfer to Monza to visit the circuit also called the temple of speed.

Lunch in Monza and discover the magnificent city centre

Return to Milan.


Transfer to Bologna for a visit to the Museum Lamborghini. Follow with a private visit of a private collection of Formula 1 cars and memorabilia hosted in a wine cellar and enjoy wine tasting. Visit a private collection of more than 20.000 whiskey bottles and taste the traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena

Lunch and visit the Pagani Zonda Museum and factory

Transfer to Bologna for dinner.

Overnight in Bologna.

Day 6 / MODENA

Visit the Ducati Museum and Factory and visit the private collection of Maserati Umberto Panini. Enjoy a Parmisantasting before transfer to Modena for lunch.

In Modena visit the Stanguellini Collection before heading to the Panzano Castel and visit the private Righini historc cars collection.

Return to Bologna for dinner.


Transfer to the Ferrari Museum in Maranello and enjoy the possibility of a test drive.

After lunch in the historic restaurant near the factory return to Modena to visit the Museum Enzo Ferrari.


Transfer to airport or return to Milan for the Monza grand Prix.


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