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Our Artistic Direction is formed by art historians, archaeologists, architects and  experts from creative and craftmanship industries.

Artistic Direction

Luca Vivona
Artistic Direction

Eleonora Onghi
Scientific Director Elesta – Expert lecturer

Travel Curators

Elisabetta Gavazzi Carissimo
Art Expert

Francesco Mazzai
Art & Gamification Expert

Francesca Grignaffini
Art Expert

Shana Forlani
Craft Expert

Roberto Valdes Tena
Filmmaking Expert

Valeria Gerli
Archaeology Expert

Silvia Brusadelli
Historic Houses Expert

Giovanni Vanossi
Historic Houses Expert


Alessio Neri
Sardinia Expert

Giusi Carai
Sardinia Expert

Matteo Gabbrielli
Venice Expert

Gianluca Leone
Naples Expert

Giorgio Sitta

Roberto Gabriele

Simona Ottolenghi

Simona Milani
Fashion Expert

Monica Torri
Architecture Expert

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