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Serving curious, impassioned and discerning travellers keen to explore our cultural heritage.

Our Artistic Team is made up of art historians, archaeologists, architects and experts from the creative and craft industries.

We believe in the power of beauty, culture, and art to spark joy and fulfilment in our lives.

We see every trip as a gateway to new knowledge, encounters, memories, emotions, and inspirations.

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About Us – Partners

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The Cologni Foundation for the Arts and Crafts is a private non-profit organisation founded in Milan in 1995 by its President Franco Cologni. The Foundation promotes a range of cultural, scientific and educational projects designed to promote and protectarts and crafts. The “Mestieri d’Arte” and “Ricerche” book series (published by Marsilio) tells the history of this outstanding heritage, from its origins to the present day, examining both the great tradition of Italian creativity and new interpretations of contemporary craftsmanship.

The book series “Storietalentuose”, published by Carthusia, introduces children to the fascinating world of Italian artistic crafts. The Foundation also created the magazine Arts & Crafts & Design, published by Swan Group, dedicated to the excellence of the “Made in Italy” hallmark. The Foundation’s project “A School, a Job. A Road to excellence” actively supports the training of young people in highly skilled craftsmanship and their integration into the job market.


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The mission of FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano, usually referred to in English as the Italian National Trust) is twofold: to promote a culture of respect for Italy’s natural heritage, art, history and traditions; and to protect a legacy that forms a fundamental part of the roots and identity of the Italian people. Set up in 1975, the FAI is a national, not-for-profit body that has  saved and restored numerous fine examples of Italy’s artistic and natural heritage and opened them to the public. 

The Foundation operates with the support of individuals, companies and institutions. From the outset, it has drawn inspiration from the National Trust for England, Wales & Northern Ireland and is affiliated with INTO – the International National Trusts Organisation.



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The Italian Tourism Startup Association was founded in 2013 to bring together leading start-ups offering products and digital services in the Tourism and Culture sectors. The result of a chance meeting between founders of tourism start-ups who discovered a shared desire to create a network, the Association now connects over 100 start-ups. Through promoting creativity and innovation and supporting the growth of digital start-ups, the Association’s goal is to boost the development of the national travel economy.



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