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Horses in Tuscany

Horses have been central to the show of power for centuries. Art and literature are full of representation of horses that play fundamental roles in the lives of the protagonist of Italian history.

The journey starts from Florence, the renaissance capital of Italy, the visit to the city between history and ancient palaces includes the discovery of the Gucci Garden, the museum that tells the story of the brand and his passion for horse riding accessories. Visit Siena where the Palio is a central part of life and allows everyone to relieve ancient traditions. Central to the journey is the experience in Tuscany with the Butteri, the Italian cow-boys to enjoy a full immersion in the culture of the Maremma shepherds. Spend the last days in Rome, to visit ancient Roman ruins and the magnificent stables of the Quirinale, the Papal Stables.


Pick up from the Station and transfer to the Hotel.

In the afternoon accompanied by an expert discover the cradle of the Renaissance and the world capital of art in the 15th century, it boasts one of the oldest historic centres and some of the most famous museums in the world, as well as one of the most iconic and distinctive landscapes as far as the eye can see. Everything in Florence is spectacular.

Dinner at leisure

Overnight in Florence


After breakfast meet the expert for a morning dedicated to the Uffizi Gallery, one of the most
important museums of the world.

Lunch at leisure and enjoy some free time in the streets of Florence before meeting the expert for
a visit to the Gucci Museum and end the day at the Torrigiani palace in the magnificent gardens,
amongst the biggest in Europe inside the city walls for a light appetiser the owner.

Overnight in Florence

Day 3 - SIENA

After breakfast transfer to Siena, a charming town in the heart of Tuscany. Travel to Antinori to
visit the winery, explore the family wine passion dating back to 1385. After the visit lunch at the

Arrive in Siena, to visit the unique medieval centre and its main piazza, Piazza del Campo, the
shell-shaped square, where visitors breathe an atmosphere of ancient times. The piazza,
surrounded by stunning palaces, is the place where every year the traditional Palio is celebrated:
it is a horse race where 10 districts, Contrade, challenge each other every year.

Dine guest of one of the Contrada to start learning about the passion that drives this voluntaries.

Overnight in Siena


After breakfast join the expert to visit different district and learn about the horses, the traditions
that this city carries into the future.

After lunch visit the Duomo and head towards one of the most famous wineries for a wine tasting

Dinner at a typical restaurant

Overnight in Siena


After breakfast travel South to La Forra for a 3 days full immersion in the ancient trandition of

A wonderful agritourism farm on the border between Valdarno and Chianti is the setting for a
unique and exciting experience: the Days of Working with Cattle in the tradition of the Maremma
cowboys, the legendary Italian cowboys.

This is a unique formula compared to the more usual side-by-side walks with the cowboys (where
more watching is done), or clinics and internships where their riding techniques are taught. Here
the goal is for participants to experience an immersion in working with cattle using the techniques
of the Butteri, performing firsthand the daily tasks of herd management on a real farm. What
makes this magic possible is the expertise and experience of Ernesto Benini, host and founder of
the 30-year-old Dimensione Maremma association, and the equestrian art and technical direction
that, in addition to preparing the horses, supports the riders in working in absolute safety and
guaranteeing unique emotions.

Each rider will receive the necessary attention to find the confidence with the horse and be able
to mount in total relax. Afterwards, the group will make its first outing on “trial” grounds and fences that facilitate the task. The group learns to round up the cattle, to lead the herd, and finally to separate individual animals from the herd and lead them into an isolated enclosure
(sbrancamento). In the evening, dinner at the farm restaurant.


Herding in the open field.

After breakfast at the farmhouse, horses and riders move early in the morning to a 30-hectare
hilly plot of pasture and woodland, where the herding techniques are repeated in much larger
spaces, with a more numerous and unruly herd.

After lunch, which depending on the season takes place on site or at the farm, you will move on
to work with the horses, similar but more demanding than working with cows due to the greater
speed and reactivity of the horses. In the evening, return and dinner at the farmstead.


Handling the herd independently.

You will go back to the plot, repeating all the fundamental operations of cattle management with
greater autonomy. You will prepare for the transfer of the herd from one pasture to another.

This is a sort of challenging final test that reproduces on a smaller scale the centuries-old
experience of transhumance. You will then return to the farm for a farewell lunch.

Transfer to Rome

Day 8 - ROME

Drive thought the city centre for an introduction to Rome, walk to the and lunch overlooking the
city in Castel Sant Angelo.

In the afternoon visit the Vatican Museums with the famous Sistine Chapel.

Dinner at leisure

Day 9 - ROME

In the morning visit the Colosseum and the Roman Forum to learn about the ancient history of the
city that was once the capital of one of the biggest empires in the world.

Lunch at a typical trattoria then head towards the Scuderie del Quirinale, the Papal Stables, to see
a unique exhibition on the history of horse riding and the role of the horses as status symbol.

Farewell dinner

Day 10 - ROME

Transfer to the airport


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