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MILAN Grand Tour – Tailor-made Jewels

In collaboration with Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte

Perfection of design and preciousness of materials are combined in jewels to create an ornament in absolute harmony between beauty and manufacturing: the highest levels of creative quality and craftsmanship.

With this itinerary you will visit the Gold Room in the Poldi Pezzoli House Museum, which has over than two hundreds precious jewels in gold, grouped into four sections: the ancient enamels, the sacred jewellery, collectors’ items and jewels.

Among them, a group of Etruscan pieces coming from funerary legacy. Starting with the museum visit to discover the jewels history and ornamental function, you can then have a delightful walk in the surrounding area to reach an exclusive jewellery shop where you can admire the jewels’ stages of realization.

Via Guglielmo Silva, 39 20149 - Milan - Italy

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