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Carrara Marble Experience


First stop in a not-usually-known town in the region of Liguria: Sarzana, a special place to get to know better the Apuan Alps’ territory. Sarzana used to be an important thoroughfare between Italian regions of Liguria and Tuscany, it has two magnificent fortresses. The cathedral’s marble facade has a gothic rose window.

Lunch in Sarzana at Da Carlo and in the afternoon, head to Carrara. 


Everything starts here. Nature has bestowed this area a strong and precious rock, as bright as unique: the famous Carrara White Marble. Visit the quarries in the valley of Fantiscritti, meet quarry workers, listen to their stories in the local dialect and learn about the hardness of this work. Lunch in Bedizzano at Ometto.

In the afternoon workshop with an instructor to discover the ancient and modern techniques that are still used to reveal shapes in marble and overnight in Carrara.


Apuan Alps frame all the city of Carrara and the main square has several uniform lined-up historical buildings. Marble is everywhere. The cathedral is not simply covered with marble, it is completely made of it! The glamorous Accademia of Fine Arts is where students can get in touch with art and admire Canova’s chalk collection.

Visit the village of Colonnata to admire its quarry and taste the well-known lardo di Colonnata, once the main nutrient for workers.

Lunch at Osteria Nella Pià.

In the afternoon workshop with the instructor and overnight in Carrara.


Pontremoli is located on a headland between a river and a stream, respectively Magra and Verde. The sight from here is stunning. People left traces of their passage since the 3rd millennium BC. The statue of menhirs of the Pontremoli Museum, collected in the castle of Piagnaro, have not yielded all the secrets.

Lunch at Osteria della Bietola.

In the afternoon workshop with the instructor and overnight in Carrara.


Visit of Pietrasanta. This small town does not keep its sculptures behind closed doors, they are scattered all over, in the streets and in the squares, creating a fascinating atmosphere. The statues are constantly on the show taking up public space, becoming a defining feature. The whole baptistery is made of pure marble!

Lunch at CRO.

In the afternoon workshop with the instructor and overnight in Carrara.


The city has a 1560 summer Medici Villa that is, since 2013, on UNESCO’s World Heritage list. It hosts the Museo del Lavoro e delle Tradizioni Popolari (Museum of Labour and Popular Tradition). In the historical marble workshop (previously fish market) there is the Fondazione Arkad (Arkad Foundation) whose goal is to create an intercultural center to promote plastic arts. Here workshops, exhibitions, meetings and forums take place.

Overnight in Carrara.


All valleys had their own castles which dominated the whole territory from above. The Malaspina Castle is a necessary visit to understand the history of this territory. The homonym family, who was first formed in 945 A.D., still owns the castle and lives inside it, in the manor house.

Farewell lunch at La Castellana and transfer to airport.

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