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Ancient Mosaic wonders in Southern Italy

By combining different pieces of stone, precious marble, or vitreous paste, the effect, the color, or the way light is reflected, change completely. Southern Italy hosts some of the most evocative sites of the ancient Roman empire and Norman Sicily empire, revealing hidden meanings, characteristic iconographies, and different ways the art of mosaics was used. In Naples, Pompei and Sicily is possible to observe the different styles and techniques used in centuries to enrichen and decorate buildings and monuments.

One day mosaic workshop in Syracuse.

Day 1 / NAPLES

Arrival and check-in. Meet the expert that will lead the journey.

Lunch. Afternoon walk around the city to discover centuries of glorious history, walk along the same road the ancient Greeks built and that Romans enlarged in centuries and where palaces now stand tall reminding the recent wealth of a city that was the center of the Mediterranean region.

Dinner at leisure and overnight in Naples.

Day 2 / NAPLES

Visit the National Archaeological Museum, which hosts splendid 1st-century BC mosaics from Pompei, and the Galleria Umberto, a truly splendid arcade built in 1887-1890 with mosaics depicting the winds and the signs of the Zodiac, which were remade in 1952.

Lunch and time to discover the fascinating Underground stations. Designed by famous architects and artists, they exhibit many mosaic works of art (Mimmo Paladino, William Kentridge, Francesco Clemente). These are a notable example of how this ancient art can be reinterpreted with a contemporary perspective.

Dinner at leisure and overnight in Naples.


Full immersion in the roman empire with the visit of Pompei and Ercolano. These ancient cities are unique in the world: they were covered by the dust of the Vesuvian Eruption in 79 AD. Admire the technique of the mosaic in the floorings and the lively frescos in the roman homes, untouched by centuries.

Dinner in a privately owned palazzo and overnight in Naples.


Transfer to Airport and flight to Palermo.

Palermo is the capital of the Italian region of Sicily. The island was once the most important cultural center of the Mediterranean region. Greeks, Arabs, Normans, Romans inhabited it. These interesting influences can be noticed in architecture and gastronomic traditions. Palermo is a mosaic of cultures.

After lunch. Visit the city center and the Palatine Chapel. decorated with one of the most important cycles of Byzantine mosaics in Sicily, dating back to the 12th century. Enter the workshop and meet the artisans in charge of its restoration.

Dinner at leisure and overnight in Palermo.


After breakfast head south to Monreale, where you can visit the Monreale Cathedral that presents one of the most extensive mosaic decors in Italy. The focus of the multi-figured program is the main apse calotte with its half-figure of Christ Pantocrator, which far surpasses all the other figures in style. The Cloister of the church hosts more than 400 decorated columns.

Return to Palermo for lunch and enjoy a short afternoon guided tour of the city center.

Dinner at an excellent restaurants and overnight in Palermo.


From Palermo, head east to discover another magnificent mosaic decorated Cathedral in Cefalù.

Enjoy lunch on the sea and head south to the very center of Sicily. Arrival in Enna. Discover how Sicilians defended themselves from invasion, building cities on the very top of the hills. Dinner in a private house.

Overnight in Enna.

Day 7 / ENNA

From Enna, short drive to one of the most spectacular sights for mosaic lovers: Piazza Armerina. We dedicate the whole day to visiting the Museum and the superb complex of Villa del Casale, with its 3500 square meters of 4th-century floor mosaic. This journey within history and iconography allows us to glimpse what life was like back at that time.  

Lunch in Piazza Armerina and time at leisure. 

Return to Enna for dinner and overnight in Enna.


Head south towards Caltagirone, a small town in the center of Sicily where you will have the chance to meet contemporary artists that preserve thousands of years of tradition in ceramic production. Visit the city center and different ceramic workshops.

Lunch. The journey continues towards Noto, the capital of the Sicilian Barocco.

Dinner at leisure and overnight in Noto.

Day 9 / NOTO

Noto is one of the most famous towns of the Sicilian Barocco. The reconstruction of all these towns was coordinated by famous architects after the earthquake of 1693 that destroyed almost all Sicilian cities in this area. Visit the city center, the cathedral, and the magnificent palaces to see how noble families lived when Sicily was rich and powerful. After Lunch in Noto, continue to Syracuse.

Dinner and overnight in Syracuse.


One day mosaic Workshop at a famous art school in Syracuse to learn the basic principles of this ancient technique still used to produce contemporary artworks.

After lunch visit Syracuse, which was in greek times the biggest metropolis of the western world. Its perfectly conserved theater still hosts one of the most important festivals of greek theater. The center of this town, called Ortigia, still preserves the structure of the greek town and history can be lived in all the corners.

Farewell dinner and overnight in Syracuse.

Day 11 / Departure

Private transfer to Catania Airport.


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