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Tuscan marble in contemporary sculpture

Tuesday, February 28th at 6PM CET (9AM PT – 12PM ET)

Elesta Travelling Passion is operating cultural tours to Italy since 2016.
Jorge Romeo spent his entire life working and studying sculpture.
We have an upcoming event you cannot miss our Webinar if you are passionate about Italian art, sculpting and marble!

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“Tuscan Marble in contemporary sculpture”



Join us for a conversation with the Argentine marble sulptor Jorge Romeo, based in Carrara (Italy) since 1980. Jorge moved to this beautiful corner of Italy, where Michelangelo created his masterpiece and where many workshops and artists are still passing on Italian reinassance legacy.

Tuesday, February 28th at 6PM CET
(9AM PT – 12PM ET)

During the Webinar, you will meet our local experts, ready to answer all curiosities about the many famous seaside towns, the numerous workshops and art galleries in the area. They designed the journey around the history of the quarries and artisanal ability that have shaped the economy and the geography of the area and made Carrara Marble famous all over the world.

Our Guest Jorge Romeo
Jorge was born in Argentina in 1949
He deals with sculpture since 1973, from his studies at the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes “P. Pueyrredon” to the scolarschip won in Rome in 1979, year in which he moved to Italy.
Since them Jorge has had many solo exhibitions, collective works and countless commisioned works.

Our Brand Director, Elena Sisti, will interview Jorge with the help of our local expert Elisabetta Ferrero.

Here are the topics that will be covered:

  • The mains characteristics of Carrara’s Marble;
  • The history of Marble Quarries during the last century;
  • Detail about the workshop;
  • Our Journey: Carrara Marble Experience.


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